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After you have registered on the Kraken website, you will probably be interested in the question of what to do next and how to buy the necessary products or order a service. Gives comprehensive information on this issue.

The first thing you need to do if you decide to buy something on Kraken is to top up your balance. This can be done directly from the cryptocurrency account. But not everyone has a crypt, although this is a priority when replenishing the balance on Kraken, and therefore the site organized the possibility of replenishing an account using an exchanger. In the exchanger, you can choose which electronic currency you have, then specify the amount and deposit money into the account. Let's just say to exchange your electronic money for currency Kraken.
When the account is replenished, you can proceed to the most pleasant - shopping. First, select the category we need in the section on the left and see hundreds of sellers. We can choose a seller based on rating, reviews, or product value, as you see fit. After you have chosen the product you need, you make a payment, and in return you receive coordinates. Your treasure is located at these coordinates. You need to come and pick up the goods, then close the deal with the publication of a review about the seller. You will have 24 hours for everything. If you do not close the deal yourself, the system will do it for you automatically. If the product was not found, then you can contact support through a dispute and resolve the issue.